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Starter for ten – Ten websites for £110

Terms and Conditions

Starter for ten promotion:

  • Maximum 4 pages, two of which are contact us and about us
  • All websites designed to work on any device
  • Turnaround times is 31 days once all assets are receieved
    • assets are (but not limited to)
      • relevant imagery
      • current domain owner contact and agreement on steps for management
      • content (I will help write content to make it SEO friendly however I will need input from yourself
  • Website can include (based on this offer)
    • Contact form
    • Social media integration (pull in content from social, offer chance to follow, share content)
    • fully responsive
    • SEO ‘Bronze’ package
    • Up to three amends included
    • Google Analytics
  • Website will not include (based on this offer – can be included for extra)
    • Ecommerce functionality
    • Email marketing functionality
    • Any further integrartions (e.g. CRM feed, shopping feeds etc.)


Sorry for all the rules! To be honest, I’m flexible, this just gives you an idea of what the offer is